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Book Overview


God appeals to all believers to present our bodies as living sacrifices. To do this, we must let our minds be changed so we don’t conform to the world and are condemned to eternal separation from the Lord. To live out this appeal, God has given us different gifts and assignments according to the faith we have to receive them. This faith, the working of this faith, and the love of Christ, through our gifts and assignments, are how we will affect change in the minds of those in this world.

In The Millennial Christian Devotional, author Brittany S. Dodson offers a ninety-day devotional to help you:

  • see scripture as your foundation for all truth;
  • acknowledge truth as the anchor for how you view the world and yourself;
  • learn to view your life through the eyes of the Father so you can be who He has called you to be; and
  • grow to understand that helping others love and follow Christ is a mission for all believers.

Through this devotional, Brittany encourages all believers to keep fighting the good fight of faith with the Lord on their side.